CASD Works with policy makers and grassroots communities to address developemental issues affecting the lives of vulnerable women, adolescents and children; using strategies that are inclusive, accountable and sustainable

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    Founded in 2011 to significantly contribute to the Cameroon Governments “2035 Emerging Economy Vision” we have been enhancing the health, social and economic situation of women, girls and children in grassroots...

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    Through Advocacy and Community Development activities, we Empower vulnerable women, girls and children in the grassroots with knowledge and skills needed to end the cycle of poverty in their lives, families and communities...

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A Call to Action – Make the SDGs matter most for adolescent girls in Africa

Adolescent girls in Africa face significant challenges in accessing quality Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights(SRHR) information and services. On the 19th of May 2016...

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CASD Mobile Clinic – Free HIV test and Counseling for School girls

Our HIV-Free Generation Girls Choice Ice-cream project works with adolescent girls age 11 – 19 years to keep them free from HIV and unwanted pregnancies...

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Expectant Fathers learn all there is to know about their Partners and Unborn Babies Health

In an effort to reduce the rate of maternal and child mortality, CASD is having sessions with expectant fathers educating them on what to expect and what to do to keep their partners and unborn children safe...

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